We create the
Artificial Intelligent Production Assistant
for your efficient manufacturing process

Our product combines comprehensive sensorics, a powerful real-time computing unit and an intuitive user interface.
Thereby, we deliver you an autarkic self-sufficient on-site all-in-one-solution.


Complex state detection & situation interpretation
in real-time,
directly on site,
by multiphysics, sensorfusion and artificial intelligence.


Our product realizes intelligent data collection and evaluation. Data insights are used by your employees for an optimal material processing result.


Real-time insights into machine & material in industrial material processing.


Continuous prediction of events and the course of the process.


Derivation of options for action to empower men to act with foresight.


We fuse technology for your advantage.


We develop lean neural networks by clever combination of statistics and mathematical reduction methods.


Newest and powerful computing devices allow us to run complex calculations directly on site.

Multiphysics & Sensorfusion

We use up to 7 different and interacting physical quantities to map complex issues and identify upcoming situations.

Your benefit and advantage

Our solution is suitable for any material processing company to increase efficiency.

Process insights

We enable the widespread use of digitization solutions. Our product creates new insights into so far unknown conditions of material and machine during the manufacturing process - regardless of the digitization state of the machine.

Quality control and sustainability

The entire process of material manufacturing is analyzed. Continuous feedback allows direct interaction and adjustment. Waste is avoided and sustainability is increased. A quality certificate is directly created and can be automatically documented in a QM system.

Empowerment of professionals

We offer AI that complements the human. On site assess to complex situations is provided. Take direct and efficient action rather than sorting out defective products later!


The product is universally applicable. It can be attached directly to the site of action. For example on the arm of a specialist, on tools, machines or robots. It can operate offline and independently of cloud services.

Data sovereignty and security

Local data handling and computing leads to maximum cybersecurity. No sensor data is transmitted. Company-specific processes remain protected. The solution provides independence of bandwidth, network stability and latency which are present in cloud solutions.


Due to efficient edge computing, costs remain low. Our product operates autarkic without need of additional expensive IT infrastructure. It can be used without special expert knowledge. Thus, you benefit directly from the digitalization and increase your productivity.

Do not wait any longer. Use digitization to your advantage!


Customer: "With our milling machines we produce high-quality components. For this we rely on the experience and know-how of our employees. However, they often lack information as well as real-time insights into machine and material. I want to empower them to act properly. For this I am looking for a solution which is easy to apply for all employees. Data security is important to me."


Our product is based on a powerful dwarf computer optimized for Artificial Intelligence. It includes sensors, an intuitive user interface and an API to connect to quality management systems. Depending on the application, we provide software process packages (apps) for situation analysis and user information.


We shift the analysis of data from the cloud directly to you at the site of action, e.g. on the employee's arm or the milling machine itself. The dwarf computer continuously analyzes the situation, detects unplanned changes to material and machine and suggests options for action.




We receive a positive grant letter for the EXIST founder scholarship. We look forward to working with the project sponsor of Forschungszentrum Jülich and the Technology Transfer Initiative GmbH of the University of Stuttgart.

19 Sept 2019

Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020

Gartner Technology Trends

At the pulse of the times we design technology of the future. The Market Research Specialist Gartner lists 10 technology trends as groundbreaking for 2020. With Empowered Edge and Human Augmentation, we are already combining two of these trends in our product today.

07 Nov 2019

Prototyp Showcase

Our first Showcase

Our Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is almost finished. The MVP is used to demonstrate the performance and user interaction of our product for a possible manufacturing process.

11 Nov 2019


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Our scientific and financial support is our foundation.
Phinc is a spin-off from the University of Stuttgart.
Many thanks to our scientific partners and for the support of the EXIST program of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and the European Social Fund.

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